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Today, almost 1 million acres of forest vanish per week.  This alarming rate of deforestation has forced many world economies to rethink their business and manufacturing practices.  A sixty-foot tree cut for market takes 60 years to replace.  Meanwhile, a sixty-foot bamboo cut for market takes 59 days to replace.  Bamboo is officially recognized as the world's fastest growing plant and has a tensile strength comparable to steel. 

Why Bamboo ?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on this planet and provides the best canopy for the greening of degraded lands. (Some species of Bamboo grow as much as 4 feet a day).  Its stands release 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.  Bamboo can also lower light intensity and protects against ultraviolet rays.

EcoSox are woven bamboo socks produced from bamboo, a natural fiber alternative to cotton, wool, hemp and synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, which is super soft, moisture wicking, and doesn't harbor odor. Imagine a bamboo sock that looks good, feels good, and is good for the environment!

   "Bamboo is the new cotton... it has all the properties that you physically want out of cotton, plus some. Bamboo is more antibacterial than [other fabrics like] cotton or wool, which are very absorbent and hold moisture in. Because bamboo wicks moisture away, it's great for your circulation and skin." -LAtimes.com, September 25, 2005.

It's hard to believe that bamboo, which is actually a type of grass with hollow, jointed, woody stems, can be used as a raw material source for clothing. It's even harder to believe that this woven fiber can be turned into some of the softest clothing you can imagine. Try EcoSox bamboo socks for yourself.

   "One might reasonably imagine bamboo-based clothing to be scratchy and uncomfortable, the modern-day version of a hair shirt, something one might don when making penance in a medieval monastery. But fabric made from bamboo has a silky texture, environmentalists say. According to the National Geographic Green Guide, bamboo is an "a priori" eco-friendly material because it's naturally pest-resistant, requires little water, is amazingly regenerative and known to grow a foot a day. Bamboo also has a much lighter environmental impact than pesticide-laden conventional cotton and petroleum-derived nylon and polyester synthetics."

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