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Ao2 Celliant RX MedCrew Diabetic Socks
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Ao2 Rx MedCrew with Celliant has many diabetic friendly benefits that include a super thick cushioned sock sole, morpol top for superior comfort and flat toe seam for less irritation. It is also very popular with travelers who tend to experience swelling. The RX MedCrew is made for maximum oxygenation and pain relief. Increased oxygen levels aid in circulation, muscle recovery, reduced swelling, energy and comfort.
Additional performance fibers are added for moisture management, softness as well as antimicrobial and antibacterial to help control foot odor and bacteria.
Made in the USA.
Easy care - no special washing instructions
Entire sole contains 100% Celliant yarn
Content by weight: 36% Celliant / 46% Comfortrel XP / 16% nylon / 2% spandex

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