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Ao2 CelliantHealth medical Support Wrist Sleeve
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The Ao2 CelliantHealth medical/Support Wrist Sleeve is great for helping reduce wrist pain and also helping increase circulation to the wrist and hand.

Finally a wrist sleeve that not only provides support but also contains CelliantHealth for clinically Proven Pain relief.

Ao2 CelliantHealth / Sports Support braces contain Celliant yarns. Celliant is clinically proven to increase oxygen in the body, reduce pain and help regulate body temperature. Increased oxygen is known to promote quicker muscle recovery and healing; heighten athletic performance and increase overall comfort and well being.
Ao2 braces treat and support weak muscles, tendons and ligaments and helps reduce the chance of injury recurrence. Reinforced edges for durability. Contoured to natural bend to minimize bunching and slipping. Durable material permits a full range of movement while delivering comfortable support and protection. Unique seamless design ensures comfortable fit and even compression.

Care: Machine wash warm water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low

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