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How to choose diabetic socks 

Alpaca Diabetic Sock Thick (SKU: alpdiadthick)Alpaca Diabetic Sock Thick (SKU: alpdiadthick)Our designers know what you need and we have carefully added the necessary elements to offer extra wide ribbing, smooth seam stitching and a comfort band to enhance your wearing pleasure.
Alpaca Diabetic Socks Standard (SKU: alpdiabthin)Alpaca Diabetic Socks Standard (SKU: alpdiabthin)Looking for socks for troubled diabetic feet? Look no farther! You have found Nature's softest, most luxurious diabetic sock!
Ao2 Celliant RX MedCrew Diabetic Socks (SKU: celiantdiab101)Ao2 Celliant RX MedCrew Diabetic Socks (SKU: celiantdiab101)This Celliant diabetic sock provides super thick cushioned sole, morpol top for superior comfort and flat toe seam for less irritation.
Bamboo Socks Diabetic Over the Calf (SKU: bmbsockdiab101)Bamboo Socks Diabetic Over the Calf (SKU: bmbsockdiab101)EcoSox is made from bamboo. Arch support. Imagine a bamboo sock that looks good, feels good, and is good for the environment!
Diabetic Crew Socks by Ao2 w/Dry Energy and Dri-Release, Gray (SKU: degreydiab101)Diabetic Crew Socks by Ao2 w/Dry Energy and Dri-Release, Gray (SKU: degreydiab101)Diabetic Crew Socks by Ao2 w/Dry Energy & CELLIANT to increase oxygen level,muscle recovery & pain relief;DRI-RELEASE for superior moisture & odor control.

What is Alpaca?

Alpaca is a natural fiber and is shorn from the animal annually. It is a necessary part of the husbandry associated with this livestock. The animals are not harmed; rather they need to have their hair removed so that they can better cool themselves. South America they are treasured as well. Alpaca is a fiber that contains no lanolin and it doesn’t need to be washed in harsh chemicals to remove any residual contaminates. It comes in 22 natural colors so in many cases it can be colorful yet remain pure and un-dyed. Forget dousing it in unnatural chemicals! Do I have your curiosity peaked? I hope so! Let me continue… 

So what does that mean in the way of sustainability? Well, once harvested, production of the hair into yarn creates a textile that is far softer and less harsh to the wearer than wool or other natural fibers. Once processed into yarn alpaca takes on a whole other side… one of pure softness, completely hypoallergenic, thermal and luxurious; naturally! 

Alpaca is thermal and will keep you warm! Each fine hair is hollow so it is like wearing insulation ~ only much softer! Put on a pair of alpaca socks and a sweater and turn down your thermostat! Alpaca will keep you warm with less bulk, less irritation and it will last longer and look better than wool or cashmere. (It doesn’t pill, loose its luster or wear thin.) 

How to choose diabetic socksMany complications of diabetes involve the feet. While diabetic socks cannot prevent all of these problems, they can help with a lot of them. Proper supportive socks can help prevent blood collecting in the feet and lower legs, which can lead to injury and infection in the diabetic.
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