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  1. As the months get warmer and the nights get lighter, many people make a conscious effort to take their workouts outdoors. Running outside is a great way to increase your fitness levels and enjoy the outdoors but it is a high impact sport and this can cause joint pain. Running outside differs greatly to that of running on a treadmill as you have to be prepared to take on a range of different terrains and inclines. For this reason it is a lot tougher but it also means that you can challenge yourself and step up your workouts. Tough outdoor workouts can take their toll on your body and it is essential to ensure that you give yourself adequate recovery time. There are also a number of things that you can invest in that are designed to reduce joint pain. These include:

    • Sport Braces-If you find that your knees or ankles are stiff or painful after or during a run, a support brace could be a wise investment. A supportive brace is designed to cushion your joints and reduce the impact to provide comfort as you exercise. Celliant braces also increase the oxygen flow to the body encouraging a faster recovery time.

    • Herbal Body Warmers-After you complete a gruelling outdoor run, a warm compress can help to soothe sore muscles. Herbal body warmers can be used on a variety of areas and be used to reduce joint pain. You can choose from an upper body herbal body warmer or purchase a body warmer for a specific place for example your shoulders. Herbal body warmers are a cost effective product that help to alleviate stress and general aches and pains.

    • Foam Rollers-Stretching is part and parcel of your workout and if you want to prevent injury, stretching is essential. A foam roller allows you to get a deeper stretch and target a specific area with ease.

    If you are looking for ways to reduce joint pain this summer without having to take pain medication, the above methods will help to reduce pain naturally. If you are searching for sport braces, herbal body warmers or foam rollers, the best place to start your search is online. The internet can provide you with a plethora of information regarding natural pain relief remedies. Take care of your joints naturally and don’t let joint pain ruin your workouts this summer.

  2. Celliant Technology Hits The Market With PUMA's Usain Bolt Line

    LOS ANGELES, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Celliant, the leading innovative responsive textile technology, is proud to announce its alliance with global sport lifestyle brand, PUMA. The Puma man's athletic apparel line inspired by Olympic gold medalist and world record sprinter Usain Bolt now features performance-driven apparel incorporating Celliant's patented mineral fiber technology.

    Celliant technology is designed to help athletes with endurance and to maximize their workouts. Created from natural minerals loaded into polyester fibers, Celliant's proprietary blend of 13 ingredients converts the body's vibrant energy (heat) into far infrared light (FIR), which is then easily reabsorbed into the tissue and muscle. Celliant is not a coating or spray and it does not wash off or wear out. It works for and lasts for the lifetime of the product.

    "We're thrilled to collaborate with PUMA on this program," says Seth Casden, CEO of Celliant. "This is an incredible opportunity to expand our technology through a leading brand recognized for performance-engineered apparel and gear. Since its creation in 2008, Celliant's mission has been to develop and bring to market products that harness and recycle the human body's natural energy to create health and performance benefits. The Puma adoption solidifies our place as the leader in FIR technology for apparel."

    PUMA's Usain Bolt line combines sleek design with innovative technology to help improve consumers' athletic performance and endurance. As of Spring 2013, man's tops and bottoms featuring Celliant technology, including zip-up hoodies and shorts, will be available for purchase at select retailers and online.

    About Celliant. Celliant is a revolutionary, patented technology that harnesses and recycles the body's natural energy through the medium of fibers. Celliant's applied science utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the core of the fiber. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to improve athletic performance, sleep quality and wellness. Fibers, yarns and fabrics with Celliant technology can be found in some of the world's most recognized name brands.

    Robin Delaney

    Hologenix, LLC


    How then does the Breathslim device actually work? Obese people always have reduced body oxygenation. It is nearly the norm that people with moderate degree of obesity have less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test, while the medical norm for body oxygenation is about 40 seconds. People with severe obesity have about 10 seconds only. These are effects of their heavy breathing that reduces body oxygenation. 

    Hence, in order to achieve certain success with Breathslim, one needs to increase his or her morning body-oxygen levels. Correction of lifestyle risk factors is necessary for more efficient breath-changing and life-changing project (nose breathing 24/7, exercise with nose breathing only, elimination of nutritional deficiencies, correct posture for abdominal breathing 24/7, and so on). Obviously, following 2 central rules of the Buteyko method: (eat only when you are hungry and stop eating at the first signs of satiety) are also important for Breathslim to work.

    Can the Breathslim device help to fight obesity and loose weight? Yes. In my view, use of the Breathslim or the Frolov breathing device is the most natural and most efficient breathing exercise to increase metabolism, boost body-oxygen levels and fight obesity. The effect of this program can be greatly amplified, if the person also improves lifestyle factors so that to slow down his or her breathing. These lifestyle changes are discussed in the Learning Section of this site.”
    We often hear that healthy eating is enough for good metabolism. However, it provides only half of success on our way to good shape. We never think about “invisible” food for our bodies – oxygen.

    Oxygen has long been known to help thin the blood, increase circulation and speed up metabolism, thus burning more calories. This is why special breathing exercises are so important – they make our lungs work at a 100% rate pumping more oxygen to the blood. This extra oxygen helps fight many problems – excess weight, low energy and bad health.

    Warning. Breathing exercises can cause powerful cleansing reactions and can be dangerous for pregnant women, people with organ transplants, GI problems, and panic attacks, as well as those who take medication for diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and other conditions. Consult your health care provider

  4. Premenstrual syndrome or PMS occurs for up to two weeks prior to menstruation. PMS has been associated with a deficiency or excess of hormones, nutritional deficiencies and stress, as well as other nutritional and lifestyle factors

    Following a healthy balanced diet that is high in zinc, calcium and B vitamins, especially vitamin B6 (just don't consume more than 100mg per day) should help to relieve cramps as well as bloating. It is also a good idea to cut back on your salt, sugar and caffeine intake during the week leading up to your period. Less of these items means less severe menstrual cramps.

    Herbal warmers help to reduce menstrual cramps.

    Use Heat Packs As Home Remedy 
    Heat packs, hot water bottles, warm towels and hot baths are great to relieve the tension and pain associated with the menstrual period. Place heat packs or warm towels on your belly. Warm baths help to relax the stomach muscles.

    Heat helps, so throw a heating pad into the microwave or fill a hot water bottle and place it on your stomach or back. However, for some women, a build-up of blood in their pelvis may be the culprit behind their cramps, in which case an ice pack is actually more useful than a heat pack. The cold from the ice pack works to draw the blood out of the pelvis and towards the extremities. Try using both kinds of packs to see which is best for you.

    • A nice, long warm bath is another favorite among women with menstrual cramps. Throw in some soothing aromatherapy bath salts for a truly blissful experience.

  5. The cold season is here. People start to get flu shots, vitamins and supplements in hopes to avoid to get sick. Also flu shots a very questionable and proper vitamins might help there are more things you can do. Like keeping your feet warm.

    During the flu season of 2005, an experiment was performed to test the idea that being cold can make you sick. 90 people kept their feet in a bowl of ice water for 20 minutes, while a control group of 90 people put their feet in an empty bowl for 20 minutes. Over the next 5 days, 29% of the group with chilled feet developed cold symptoms, compared to only 9% of the control group.

    Ginger Tea Compress for Sore Throat, Colds, or Flu

    2 bags of organic Ginger Tea (or 1 Tbs. of grated ginger to strain later) in 1 cup of hot water. Steep 5 minutes and remove ginger. Dip washcloth in tea and wrap throat, place on lungs or chest, sinuses, or eve on stomach for digestive distress. A heating pad or hot water bottle can be added to keep cloth warm. Dried, powered ginger may be added to warmed castor oil and used as a compress as well.

    Not for people with high blood pressure, who are pregnant, or children under 2 years of age. Check with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

    Dry Salt Inhaler to ease respiratory discomfort

    Rock salt has been used for centuries around the world to ease respiratory discomfort. A trial involving asthmatic and allergic patients and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) showed the saltpipe improved symptoms in more than half of them. During a three week period, 25 of the 50 patients were given a placebo pipe and the others a pipe filled with organic, crystal salt. At the end of the trial, 56% of those using the salt pipe had an improvement in lung function compared to 34% on the placebo pipe. Just under 74% had an improvement in their breathing." The Daily Mail, Tuesday 26 April 2005

    Herbal Packs.

    I would like to introduce this wonderful product –Natural Herbal Packs. I liked the product so much that I got in touch with the manufacturer and became an authorized distributor of Herbal Packs. I found these particular warmers to be the best fitting, to have the softest fabric and to have the most lasting herbal fragrance on the market. These herbal packs work wonders on back, shoulder and knee pains; they help you relax and relieve tension; they open up breathing passages – without drugs, naturally. There are a wide variety of shapes, fabrics and sets available. Try this: put the hot pack in your bed just before you go to sleep. You will enjoy the warm bed.

    Worm and comfortable Alpaca Socks

    When compared to wearing wool next to the skin, alpaca is very soft and does not itch like wool. Alpaca is one of the softest natural fibers Alpaca is three times as warm as wool if the gauge of yarn is the same. Alpaca got a lighter weight, thinner yarn strand and thus a thinner fabric. Alpaca contains hollow fibers, which creates a better insulation.

    Do as your mother told you and where a hat in the winter time anyway. Covering your ears and head will at least make you more comfortable when the icy cold wind is whipping around. And you never know--holding in even a mere 7% of your body heat might just make you that much warmer.

  6. Since its inception in 2003, Hologenix has been working to improve this new technology and bring it to market. Celliant was initially developed in the 1990s by studying methods to improve natural healing in Asia and then subsequently developing those techniques so that they could be integrated into fibers that are used in clothes and other textiles. Hologenix developed a patent protected method for adding the minerals into the center of the fibers where they remain and provide benefits without affecting the quality of the yarn.
    Celliant's blend of proprietary ingredients reflect light (both visible and infrared) back to the body changing the wavelength of the light so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. The energy from this light improves blood flow in the target area. Celliant works by increasing the amount of blood traveling into the affected area, not by causing the blood to absorb more oxygen. This is important because technologies like hyperbaric oxygen chambers claim to improve oxygen levels by causing you to breathe-in air richer in oxygen, but typical blood cells are already 95-100% saturated with oxygen when they reach their destination.
    About Celliant®   Specialty Fabrics Review | February 2012
    Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented technology that harnesses and recycles the body's natural energy through the medium of fibers. Celliant's applied science utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the core of the fiber. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improving athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness. Fibers, yarns and fabrics with Celliant technology can be found in some of the world's most recognized name brands. For more information, visit 
    A02 Celliant sport socks
    What if clothes or bedding improved oxygen levels in the body, stimulated healing, improved athletic performance, balanced body temperature or improved the quality of sleep? Fibers, yarns and fabrics containing Celliant®, a patented technology developed by Hologenix LLC, Newport Beach, Calif., may help users recycle their own electromagnetic energy. Five clinical trials back up the company’s claims. The unique technology incorporates 13 optically responsive minerals, embedded into the core of the fibers, which modify visible and infrared light. These fibers can be knit or woven into fabrics and, when worn or placed near the body, oxygen levels are increased. Celliant absorbs and stores energy emissions from the human body and re-emits them back into muscle tissues. The technology is already incorporated into apparel by Adidas, Reebok, Saucony and Asics; bedding by Serta, Fabrictech, Ironman and Ambient; and veterinary products by Draper, Equipedic and Soar Pet Products.
  7. Hot or cold therapy. What is better for neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain?

    A lot of times people suffering from muscle pain get advise to use cold or hot therapy, Very often people even do not know that ice can be used as a therapy,
    We all heard from our grandmother that when it hurts, apply warm pack, or sit in hot tub, but very seldom you hear about the healing power of ice. It is true that cold packs applied to the skin are not very comfortable, especially in wintertime. But there are circumstances when cold treatment has more benefits then the warm treatment.
    Applying cold or warm herbal pack on injured part of your body, like neck, back, knee, elbow, shoulder and so on, is much more effective then the pain relief pill. Pill will remove the pain temporarily, or hide the pain, but the pill will not treat the symptoms of the pain.
    Treating injured muscle or joint using cold herbal pack is one of the most effective ways. Place the pack on sore neck or lower back and get relief from the pain which most times are inflammation or muscle spasm.
    Lavender Eye Cover is applied cold to eyes to relax eye muscles and the skin around eyes. If you suffer from the headache, try herbal eye cover from the freezer.
    When the muscle or joint pain is more chronic, it is recommended to use herbal warmer, or hot herbal pack. Heat penetrates through the skin to the effected area, forcing the increase of blood circulation, increasing oxygen delivery to the muscle or joint and removing cell waste faster.
    Warm therapy helps to relax muscles, making blood flow easy. Gentle stretching of tighten muscles and ligaments between treatments, can speed up the recovery process.     
    Combination of cold and heat therapy, or contrast therapy, is very popular. Native Americans, Scandinavians, Central Asians are using contrast of heat and cold to maintain their health and vigor. 10 minutes use of cold pack followed by 10 minutes of heat pack is a very effective treatment of the injury. The contrast therapy creates a massaging effect.
    If you suffer from the injury, try to use supporting brace between hot/cold treatments. They can be used during the day to support injured joints, like wrist joint, knee, elbow joint and ankle joint to prevent further deterioration.
  8. What are the best natural remedies for muscle pain relief?

    If you suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, you know how pain makes your life miserable. Suffering from back pain, wrist pain, knee pain and other muscle and join pain, makes you miss participation in your favorite sports or prevents you from enjoying and having fun time with your family. 

    You want to be pain free, active and energetic. Over-the-counter drugs provide fast pain relief. But, at the same time these drugs may affect liver function, damage digestive system, and the effect is only a temporary relieve from the pain.
    There are several natural ways to reduce and prevent muscle and joint pain.
    Using hot or cold herbal body warmers can be 100 times more effective in relieving muscle or joint pain then any pill. 
    So, why heat therapy? Heat therapy increases blood flow to the muscle tissue, therefore increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the joint area or effected muscle tissue. At the same time increased blood flow makes the removal of cell’s waste faster. Warm herbal pack brings relaxation to tense muscle, decreasing muscle spasm, and increasing motion range.
    Chiropractors are using warm herbal warmers to help their patients to relax muscle before and after treatments.
    Massage is very popular and very effective way of muscle and joint pain reduction. Massage oil can be used after or during the therapy to keep muscles warm and relaxed for a longer time. We recommend all natural massage oil EVRY made from organically grown herbs in Judea Desert in Israel. Read more about herbs grown in Judea Desert and their healing powers.