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Natural products for Skin Care, Fungi Treatment, Pain Relief and Relaxation.

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Herbal wrap gift set
Gift Set 5
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Browse our selection of hot & cold herbal packs to make your special combination for your personal gift idea. With a number of options to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect set for the person you have in mind.
What is the Neck Wrap? Designed specifically for the base of the neck, it provides support to the neck while sleeping, reading or traveling- giving you the ultimate comfort.
Lavender Eye Cover - A soothing and uplifting eye pack that helps reduce puffy eyes and promote relaxation. For Cold use only.
This multipurpose Herb Pack measures approximately 13" x 9" and can be folded it fit any body part. This versatile pack can be used either hot or cold depending on your needs or preferences.

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