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Salt Inhalers

Portable inhaler

The original salt pipe, is made of porcelain and filled with halite salt crystals from the famous Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine. This 100% natural agent has as main component Sodium Chloride, Magnesium, Calcium and minerals.

The air circulates between the two porcelain filters and salt crystals, forming aerosolized micro particles of different sizes as follows:

  • The particles larger than 10 microns have a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tracts by clearing and disinfecting them.

  • The particles between 5-10 microns penetrate into the trachea and central bronchial area. Particles between 2.5-5 microns penetrate deep into the lungs.

  • Particles between 0.1-2.5 similar in size to the most harmful micro-particles coming from atmospheric and industrial pollution and invisible to the human eye penetrate into every single part of the bronchi, bronchi-oles and alveoli.

The aerosol salt micro-particles humidify and liquidize the secretions of the respiratory tracts, enhance the movement of cilia in the bronchi, help the rapid elimination of residual tar and protect the respiratory tracts from allergens and microbes.

The salt reduce the viscosity of the mucus and restore the normal mucociliary transport that removes mucus, pathogens, and debris from the airways. In some chronic bronchitis patients, coughing becomes more frequent during the first seven days of daily treatment. Large amounts of mobilized mucus that had been blocking the bronchi-oles are expelled, whereupon the patient experiences general improvement.

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