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Last year saw a 14 percent increase in footwear products boasting eco-friendly credentials, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm. "With the exception of food and auto products, footwear has been a step ahead in playing the eco-card," says NPD analyst Marshal Cohen.

Our foot-friendly cinnamon slippers are the traditional product from Vietnam.
The cinnamon powder inserted into the slipper bed smells good, refreshes the soles of the feet and is odor-absorbent.
These slippers have a wonderful cinnamon fragrance to them.
They have been designed to keep your feet fresh, cool and will massage the soles of your feet.

US Patent 5,480,646 of January 2 1996

What our customers are saying

happy feetVery comfortable. The feeling of warmth and well being.
Even after I put regular shoes the feeling of lightness remains.
I am able to walk longer because my feet don’t get tired.
I cannot wait to put the slippers on when I come home.
The feeling if your soles being massaged while you walk is really enjoyable.
My feet do not swell in the morning as before.

Cinnamon Slippers

Cinnamon Slippers

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