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Why choose Alpaca products ?

Is alpaca itchy like wool?

No. When compared to wearing wool next to the skin, alpaca is very soft and does not itch like wool.Alpaca is one of the softest natural fibers but it can irritate some skin types. Itch is a skin sensitivity issue , determined by an individual‘s composition and is very subjective..
Is alpaca easy to clean? Alpaca garments can be hand washed in cool water with a mild soap. Some articles can be machine washed on “delicate”. Since it is “pure alpaca”, make sure to follow directions on the label. As with all natural fibers it is important to avoid heat, heavy agitation and machine drying.
Will it wrinkle?  No. Because of alpaca natural resiliency it is far less likely to wrinkle than other fibers.
Is alpaca as soft as cashmere? Not quite. But some types of alpaca can be!Cashmere is rated at 19 or lower microns. This would be comparable to Baby Royal Alpaca at 18 microns and under, which is very rare. Baby Alpaca is rated 18-23 microns.Super Fine alpaca is rated 24-26.5 microns. But alpaca got a longer fiber, making a smoother finished yarn.
Is alpaca warmer than wool? Yes. Alpaca is three times as warm as wool if the gauge of  yarn is the same. Alpaca got a lighter weight, thinner yarn strand and thus a thinner fabric. Alpaca contains hollow fibers, which creates a better insulation.
Is alpaca truly organic? Yes. Natural alpaca shorn is organic and contains no lanolin or dander, which is the main irritant that causes wool allergies. While some people believe to be allergic to wool, this may be just a hypersensitivity to itch.True allergic reaction causes the body to swell and inflame where the allergen touches the skin. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, or free from allergens and can be worn by those with true allergies. However their skin may be sensitive to itch as well. People with hypersensitive skin can wear alpaca as an outer layer, or over another layer of clothing.
Does alpaca pill like wool? No. Alpaca garments will not develop heavily pilled areas the way wool garments do. Alpaca may pill under the arms areas but these pills are easily removed.
Is alpaca water repellant?  Yes. Alpaca does not absorb water into the hair, rather it sheets it off. This factor allows for alpaca to make wonderful outwear and it is why when caught in the rain an alpaca cloth will not smell. Also, because of its water resistance, alpaca is not subject to mold and mildew under normal conditions.
Does alpaca need to be incorporated with other fibers to make quality clothing? No. Alpaca has one of the highest resistance factors of all natural fibers. The resistance factor of a human hair is 100, wool is rated at 122.8 and mohair at 136. Alpaca is rated at 358.5.  It is a very strong fiber. The reasons alpaca is incorporated with other fibers are cost and special properties required for some garments.
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