Healing Herbs of Kedem


Natural products for Skin Care, Fungi Treatment, Pain Relief and Relaxation.

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Our herbal packs consist of blend of pure herbs. Hot or cold herbal packs and herbal wraps are part of aromatherapy products to help relief muscle or joint pain. The aroma of lavender is the best way to relax after long day at work. Heated herbal wraps filled with peppermint and spearmint, help reduce stomach problems, headache and sinus ache. Chamomile promotes relaxation and calmness. Long lasting aroma of herbal body wraps and herbal packs are great alternative in relaxation, pain reduction and stress relief.   

Herbs description

1 ChamomileChamomileThe herb has a fresh, grassy, sweet and warm scent. Relaxant, Calms the nervous system
2 CinnamonCinnamonThis herb has a spicy, dry hot, peppery and woody scent to it. It is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Energizing, warming, helpful for depression and fatigue
3 LavenderLavenderThis herb has a green, hay like sweetness and gives a fruity scent. Arthritis, stress, circulation
4 LemongrassLemongrassThis herb has an orange, herbaceous and smoky scent to it. It is a tropical grass, which is cultivated in many hot climates. It is also known as Melissa grass, fever grass, citronella grass and geranium grass. Energizing, invigorating, clears the mind while relaxing the muscles
5 PeppermintPeppermintPeppermint This herb has a very minty, fresh, clean and hot scent to it. Peppermint is only one of the 30 species of mint. Relieves Pain and Headaches. Clears respiratory passages
6 RosemaryRosemaryThis herb has a fresh, strong, woody, balsamic, herby and sharp scent to it. Relieves Headaches. Vitalizing. Increases metal alertness
7 SpearmintSpearmintThis herb has a sweet, mint and warm scent to it. It is a native Mediterranean shrub with bright green, fragrant leaves. Cooling. Replenishes mental capacity and improves concentration
8 Valerian RootValerian RootThis herb has a balsamic, warm, woody and musky scent to it. The meaning behind the name "being well" comes from the Latin vale. Calming Antispasmodic. Eases tired, tense muscles
9 YarrowYarrowThis herb has a sharp, herbaceous, fresh, and slightly campharaceous scent to it. Promotes Healing. Calming, soothing
10 Yellow dockYellow dockThis herb is bitter, cool and dry. Improves Circulation
11 White WillowWhite WillowThis herb is bitter, cool and dry. Improves Circulation
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