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What is Celliant

Celliant is the latest improved version of Holofiber (TM)

Imagine if there were a textile that could work with the human body system to increase its oxygen levels, which can build strength, increase energy and accelerate muscle recovery. holofiber

There is. It's called Holofiber

Holofiber is the first generation of this amazing technology. Celliant is the latest improved version. Weather you choose products made with Holofiber or Celliant you can be assured that you will receive the benefits of this breakthrough technology. Choosing products made with Celliant or Holofiber can enhance oxygen, Energy and Recovery.

New! Dry energy technology Will be offered in the near future.

Dri–release with FreshGuard is already used in the medical, sports and sleepwear markets to aid health by keeping the skin dry, comfortable and inhibiting bacterial growth. Dri–release will supply its unique set of benefits to the new Dry–Energy performance yarn. The addition of Celliant can boost comfort and assist with athletic performance by aiding in muscle recovery and reducing pain.

Q: What is Celliant?

A: Celliant is a specially formulated material that can be knit, woven or added to fabrics to enhance apparel, bedding and medical products.

 Q: How does it work?

A: Celliant works by enhancing oxygen levels in the body and helping to regulate body temperature during sleep or physical activity. For more details on how the product works, click here.

 Q: What ingredients are producing the effects that I notice when I wear or sleep on Celliant products?

A: Celliant is specially formulated with proprietary ingredients that are blended with polyester fiber. The exact formula and manufacturing process are trade secrets, but for more information about how Celliant products work, click here. For studies examining the effectiveness of Celliant, click here.

 Q: Will my Celliant product still work through my pillowcase, sheets, extra layers of clothing, etc.?

A: Yes. Products enhanced with Celliant do not have to be next to the skin in order to work, and covering the material with additional layers will not decrease their effectiveness. Celliant works equally well through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, laminated or waterproof fabrics, or plastic pillowcases.

 Q: Do Celliant products need special laundering?

A: No. Because Celliant is in the material, it cannot wash out or wear out, and the benefits of Celliant won’t decrease after laundering. Generally, Celliant products can be machine-washed and -dried, but please follow any specific instructions from the manufacturer of your Celliant enhanced product.

 Q: Will Celliant products help treat or reduce pain caused by arthritis or diabetes?

A: While Celliant is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, it has been proven in clinical tests to increase oxygen levels, which leads to benefits such as pain relief and quicker healing, better-quality sleep, and improved overall wellness. To see these clinical studies, please click here.


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