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Dry Salt Inhaler
Benefits of dry crystal salt.
"Rock salt has been used for centuries around the world to ease respiratory discomfort. A trial involving asthmatic and allergic patients and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) showed the saltpipe improved symptoms in more than half of them. During a three week period, 25 of the 50 patients were given a placebo pipe and the others a pipe filled with organic, crystal salt. At the end of the trial, 56% of those using the saltpipe had an improvement in lung function compared to 34% on the placebo pipe. Just under 74% 
had an improvement in their breathing." The Daily Mail, Tuesday 26 April 2005 

Salt Pipe Inhaler

Salt Pipe Inhaler
Nasal AdaptorDry Salt Inhaler with the nasal adaptorDry Salt Crystals
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Salt Pipe inhalers Benefits
Promotes bronchial drainage
Eases respiratory symptoms quickly
Help reduce asthma attacks
Reduces drug treatment
Improves life quality, easy to use
Local effect mechanism
Excellent tolerance
No counter-reaction
No side effects
Material and contents: The Dry-Salt-Inhaler  is made of porcelain, which maintains the therapeutic properties of the salt crystals between the two filters. The one way airflow safety valve opens during inhalation and closes in case of accidental exhalation into the device, forcing nasal exhalation and assuring the therapeutic saline aerosol effect. The one way airflow safety valve also keeps the salt from becoming moist in case of accidental air exhalation into the inhaler.
Active ingredient: 40 gr. selected halite salt crystals
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