Healing Herbs of Kedem


Natural products for Skin Care, Fungi Treatment, Pain Relief and Relaxation.

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Q. how long do I heat it?

A. depending the size of the pack; the small sized packs should be heated for 20 to 30 Seconds. The bigger packs should be heated for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Always start with The minimum heating time recommended, if it is not warm enough, add 20 to 30 Seconds. . Do not overheat the pack..

Q. Where to store Herbal packs?

A. Storage of all Herbal packs products must be in the freezer. Place herbal pack in a plastic bag. This will insure freshness and performance of the products.

Storing our products anywhere other then the freezer can damage the products.

Q. I’m allergic; can I use your products?

A. for our sensitive customers, we offer 2 different odorless packs – the shoulder pack, and the basic herb pack.

Q. my pack got dirty, how do I clean it?

A. Wipe the pack with a clean damp cloth. Avoid wetting the herbs. To machine wash the slippers; take the herbal inserts out of the slippers, and wash The slippers (without the inserts) in warm water, delicate cycle is recommended.

Q. Can I heat Lavender pack?

A. No. the lavender packs can be used cold only.


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Acupressure Mat | Muscle Pain Relief | Relax | Headache Pain TreatmentAcupressure Mat | Muscle Pain Relief | Relax | Headache Pain Treatment
Acupressure Mat works wonders on back pain, neck pain, headache. This mat is used to help with sleep disorders. Acupressure Mat is based on an ancient healing art using fingers to skillfully press key body points, which stimulate body's natural self-curing abilities.
Herbal Shoulder WrapHerbal Shoulder WrapSpecially designed shape to fit comfortably on your shoulder
Herbal SlippersHerbal SlippersThese slippers provide a total body relaxation.
Relax Gift Set 8Relax Gift Set 8Acupressure mat, unique gift for relaxation, muscle pain relief, herbal eye mask, herbal eye cover, lavender eye cover, yoga mat, mat for relaxation, mat with plastic spikes, relax and meditation, meditation gift, meditation set, mat for acupressure
Relaxation and Acupressure Gift Set 7Relaxation and Acupressure Gift Set 7Mat with spikes is used to relax muscle, to treat back ache, to reduce headache, to improve metabolism. Herbal Pack consists of herbs that stimulate the relaxation. Herbal warmer is used to help with stomach ache, cramps and just to relax on a cold day. Mat with nails also is know as a yoga mat.
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