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Acupressure Mat | Muscle Pain Relief | Relax | Headache Pain Treatment
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Acupressure Mat can be used to relief muscle back pain, help to reduce headaches, for relaxation, for treating sleep disorder, and as a face skin firmer. Also can be used as a feet massager. Acupuncture and acupressure use the same pressure points and meridians, but acupuncture employs needles, while acupressure uses gentle to firm pressure and integrates bodywork therapies, therapeutic touch, somatic work, healing imagery, energy psychology, and massage therapy techniques.
Acupressure Mat which is also called bed of nails, is an ancient tool with its roots in Indian mysticism. With its origin, dating back thousands of years, the bed of nails is a well tested tool for healing the body and releasing emotional, physical and mental blockages.

Benefits: Lower & Upper Back Pain, Migraines, Arthritic Pain, Sciatica, Headache Relief, Muscle & Joint Pain, Muscle Tension & Spasms, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Feet Massage.
How to use Acupressure Mat Benefits of Acupressure Mat
Simply lay the acupressure mat on a flat surface. A bed, couch or floor will do. Then gently lie down on your back on the acupressure mat. Best effects are noticed if you lie on the acupressure mat without clothes. Lie on the mat for at least 10 minutes the first couple of times, then increase the time on the acupressure mat to 20 minutes or more. The first 6 to 8 minutes may feel a bit uncomfortable, but the initial discomfort is usually superseded by a pleasant warm sensation. You may also use the acupressure mat on your feet, buttocks, thighs, stomach, neck, and face Lower & Upper Back Pain, Migraines, Arthritic Pain, Sciatica, Headache, Muscle & Joint Pain, Muscle Tension & Spasms, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia.
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