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Healing Herbs of Kedem


Natural products for Skin Care, Fungi Treatment, Pain Relief and Relaxation.

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Alpaca Diabetic Socks StandardAlpaca Diabetic Socks StandardLooking for socks for troubled diabetic feet? Look no farther! You have found Nature's softest, most luxurious diabetic sock!
Alpaca Diabetic Sock ThickAlpaca Diabetic Sock ThickOur designers know what you need and we have carefully added the necessary elements to offer extra wide ribbing, smooth seam stitching and a comfort band to enhance your wearing pleasure.
Alpaca Crew SocksAlpaca Crew SocksNeed a basic sock for your sporting activities? Tennis? Jogging? This terry lined crew sock offers a cushy  pad to provide extra comfort for your feet!
Alpaca Ankle SockAlpaca Ankle SockLight Mini Crew Alpaca Socks Looking for something you can wear everyday, no matter the season? These socks are your answer!
Alpaca Wool Pilates and Yoga SocksAlpaca Wool Pilates and Yoga Socks

Looking for socks for your workout? Our Pilates & Yoga Socks are just what you need!. Alpaca is a natural fiber free from lanolin, dander and naturally hypoallergenic. Perfect as a non slip pad for seniors too!

Grip SocksGrip SocksGrip socks The physiotherapist designed cotton GripSox to cater to clients taking pilates, aerobics and yoga classes. Seamless toe for pure comfort. Non-cushioned for extra grip. Perfect as a non slip pad for seniors too!
Ao2 Celliant Comfort padded Sport Anklet SocksAo2 Celliant Comfort padded Sport Anklet SocksNow with Dri-Release.
Our Ao2 Holofiber Max RX Anklet was designed for those who want the benefits of Holofiber Max for maximum oxygenation but like the style of an anklet. This sock uses Comfortrel for superior moisture wicking and softness. Antimicrobial and antibacterial to control foot odor and bacteria, fully padded bottom for shock absorption.
Ao2 Dry Energy Sport Crew w/ Celliant and Dri-ReleaseAo2 Dry Energy Sport Crew w/ Celliant and Dri-ReleaseDry Energy Sport Crew with Celliant and Dri-Release is our most popular selling sock into the Wellness Market. This sock uses Comfortrel for superior moisture wicking and softness. Antimicrobial and antibacterial to control foot odor and bacteria, fully padded bottom for shock absorption. This sock also features easy care, no special washing instructions required and in the USA.

Hot or cold Herbal Warmers

Back BeltBack BeltFeaturing a unicue and original design, this innovative back belt works fast to give you the support and comfort you need for the lower back and abdomen. A Velcro belt is attached to it to so it fits perfectly around your back or abdomen. Use it hot to relieve muscle aches and pain, stiffness and menstrual cramps. Or use it cold to relieve pain due to sprains, minor burns and bruises, reduce swelling
Herbal Knee WrapHerbal Knee WrapA Hot & Cold herb Pack intended to relieve muscle pain and stiffness around the knee.
Herbal Lumbar PackHerbal Lumbar PackThe Lumbar Pack is designed for use on most body parts. It can fit your stomach, upper, middle, or lower back and hips. It can also be used as a bed warmer during cold nights. It measures 8" by 12".
Herbal Neck WrapHerbal Neck WrapThe Herbal Neck wrap is the perfect way for muscle and stress relief.This herbal pack is made with 13 natural aromatherapy herbs that are great for healing and relaxation
Herbal Shoulder WrapHerbal Shoulder WrapSpecially designed shape to fit comfortably on your shoulder
Herbal SlippersHerbal SlippersThese slippers provide a total body relaxation.
Herbal Spine BeltHerbal Spine BeltThe Spine Wrap is a Nature Creation original design.
Herbal Upper Body WrapHerbal Upper Body WrapThe brand new upper body wrap! It encourages a relaxation effect for your body and mind.
Herbal Wrist and Ankle Hot/Cold WrapHerbal Wrist and Ankle Hot/Cold WrapWrist Wrap A Hot & Cold herb Pack intended to relieve muscle pain and stiffness around the wrist. Designed with Velcro straps to hold it securely in place around the wrist, you can use it during work in your office, at home or when traveling.
Lavender Eye PillowLavender Eye PillowNature Creation Eye Cover works to reduce puffy eyes and promote overall relaxation. You can also use it for relaxation during meditation. This Lavender Pillow can only be used cold.
Mint PillowMint PillowThis wonderful aromatic Mint Pillow promotes relaxation and relieves tension and stress. Simply lie down and place the pillow by your nose and breathe in the amazing aroma. The mint pack contains peppermint herb and flaxseeds and/or wheat. Peppermint is known as helpful for temporary relief from colds, flu, and congestion.
Thermo-ShoesThermo-ShoesEnjoy Nature Creation’s multi purpose Thermo-Shoes: you can use them as regular shoes, as hot packs or as cold packs - anyway you like!

Gift Sets

Full SetFull SetFull set Includes Shoulder Pack and Back Belt, Mint Pillow and Lavender Eye Cover
Gift Set 2Gift Set 2Specialty Gift Pack. Includes Shoulder Pack, Spine Pack, Back Belt, Neck Wrap, and Lumbar Pack
Gift Set 5Gift Set 5Eye Cover, Herb Pack, and Neck Wrap
Ultimate SetUltimate SetIncludes Upper Body Wrap, Spine Pack, Mint Pillow and Lavender Eye Cover
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