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Warm and soft.

Alpaca Ankle Sock (SKU: samc101)Alpaca Ankle Sock (SKU: samc101)Light Mini Crew Alpaca Socks Looking for something you can wear everyday, no matter the season? These socks are your answer!
Alpaca Crew Socks (SKU: sac101)Alpaca Crew Socks (SKU: sac101)Need a basic sock for your sporting activities? Tennis? Jogging? This terry lined crew sock offers a cushy  pad to provide extra comfort for your feet!
Alpaca Padded Mini Crew (SKU: alpmncrepd 101)Alpaca Padded Mini Crew (SKU: alpmncrepd 101)Great for every day use, or these activities: Tennis, Golf, Jogging / Running / Walking, Hiking / Trekking, Cycling or just Relaxing.
Alpaca Wool Pilates and Yoga Socks (SKU: sawpy101)Alpaca Wool Pilates and Yoga Socks (SKU: sawpy101)

Looking for socks for your workout? Our Pilates & Yoga Socks are just what you need!. Alpaca is a natural fiber free from lanolin, dander and naturally hypoallergenic. Perfect as a non slip pad for seniors too!

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